• We use Frankenmuth Mills to card our washed wool into roving - wound in

    1 lb balls (approx).  Lovely to spin or felt!  Shades vary from season to season.

    Often two fleeces are blended to give a "heathery" effect whether natural or dyed.

  • We have 100% Romney Roving available - an excellent fiber for new spinners.

     white                $26.00/lb, $1.65/oz

     natural color $28.00/lb, $1.75/oz

     Colors: dark brown/black and shades of gray -  blue gray, "pussy willow" gray and platinum gray          Dyed Roving $3.00/oz

       Dyed Locks   $1.50/oz

    I also love to blend Romney with 20-25% Alpaca or Blue-Face-Leicester.    

   This roving is "buttery"  to spin and creates a  yarn/garment that is soft & durable and has a memory.

               Available - Natural Colored Romney lamb & BFL roving.

               $2.00/ oz ($32.00/lb)

    Felted orbs  $5.00 each (3 or more)  3"-4" diameter for many uses - dryer balls                               (natural way to fluff and speed drying - no chemicals)  kids and dog toys, or just a beautiful

       woolen object!)


              12% Alpaca - 88% Romney sportweight natural  $4.25/oz (4oz skeins)

                       Acid Dyed (Jacquard) unique colors $4.25/oz (4oz skeins)

  •   Lambskins, Sheep Skins 2 Lovely white lambskins available 2/23/17     $145.00 each
  •   White & Natural Colored raw fleece (unwashed) $8.00/lb
  •   Our own wool socks made at Zeilingers Woolen Mill are here!  Terry Hikers      30% nylon - Cushiony, stretchy, WARM ... and machine washable- cold.  Three sizes: 9-11, 10-13, 13-15      $26.00/pair
  • February 20th - just delivered 160 lb of washed wool to MacAuslands Woolen Mill  in Prince Edward Island.  We will have our own wool blankets available in a few months!